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The structure and content of the lessons


18:00 – 19:30

Recruitment + Group A


18:00 – 19:30



17:30 – 19:00

Recruitment + Group A


18:00 – 19:30

Individual preparation

  • Recruitment: beginners, practice of particular techniques and katas, physical preparation, basics of self-defence.
  • Group A: advanced, practice of advanced techniques and katas, self-defence, sport fight.
  • Competitors: only for selected members.


The lessons are led by experienced trainers, who regularly participate in international seminars. This ensures a high quality teaching and technical-tactical development.

  • František Doleček (2nd dan) - Head Coach
  • Andrea Janíková (1st dan) - specialist for kata
  • Matěj Bezdíček (1st dan) - fitness training
  • Dita Němcová (2nd kyu) - assistant instructor


Possibility for participation in national and international seminars under the guidance of the best masters, world champions and Europe.

Training camps

Weekend spring training camp in Křižanov and a week summer camp in Heroltice u Tišnova.

We also have the opportunity to participate in seminars abroad (United Kingdom, Poland).

Special preparation

Special preparation of kata and kumite beyond standard training schedule. Opportunity to participate in training units of other clubs e.g. special kumite preparation in SK Karate Global Brno.

Ethics in the gym

Karate-Do as well as other Asian martial arts belong to a highly disciplined styles. Good karateka obeys the rules of prescribed ethics. He will also learn to control his emotions and to respect the rules of society. His behavior in the gym and beyond respects the teachings of the great masters. Inappropriate and rude behavior is not characteristic for karatekas.

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