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Recruiting of new members

  • from September 14, 2020, on Mondays from 18:00 and Thursdays from 17:30
  • from age of 8
  • recruitment is completed by an examination (grading), exams usually take place 2 times a year
  • price per year (September to June) 4000,- CZK for students and 4200,- CZK for adults
  • discount for two or more members from one family, or for voluntary work for the club

We welcome among us all the boys and girls who want to faithfully practice and achieve the maximum possible level of their development. The characteristic feature of our club is a friendly atmosphere, which creates a proper sense of pride and belonging. Karate-Do is a lifelong activity and our desire is to live actively in a quality group of like-minded people.

Karate-Do, as well as other Asian martial arts, belongs to the highly disciplined styles. Adherence to traditional rules aims to educate karatekas with a solid physical, technical and moral foundation, who are aware of the fact that they can "to prove something" only by hard training, self-effort and strong will, not only in karate, but also in their personal lives.

In addition to quality facilities with own gym and fitness room we offer the opportunity of regular training camps in the Czech Republic and abroad, participation in national and international tournaments etc. All instructors are highly qualified experts in martial arts and they achieved many awards in their karate careers.

Training KARATE

  • training under the guidance of quality instructors - all instructors are actively involved to teach maximum knowledge in the shortest possible time
  • you will learn to respect the form and the ethics of martial arts (rules governing KARATE worldwide and showing respect for student´s instructors, other members of the club and principles of martial arts)
  • newcomers are allowed to practice in any clean sports outfit, but they must acquire KARATE GI (kimono) at the latest before the first exam
  • discipline and effort to improve performance is required during the lessons and beyond
  • failure to obey the instructor, distraction or lack of discipline may lead to the termination of membership in our club
  • arrivals on time are required
  • the trainees are not allowed to talk during the lessons, except for major events
  • if you any questions, you can contact the instructors before or after lesson

Advanced members can participate in seminars with Czech and foreign instructors and competitions in karate, whose costs (travel, entry fee, or accommodation) are paid by the club.

We hold regular three-day training camp in Křížanov on Junes. In summer we hold a week training camp in Heroltice for members over 15 years.

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